It’s finally springtime in Texas!…for about two weeks before it gets too hot and everything/everyone bursts into flames.  But for now it’s springtime!

The bluebonnet is the State Flower of Texas, meaning it’s the best flower ever, and it blooms like whoa for a few weeks every April.  Which means every photographer in Texas goes out for some bluebonnet pictures for a few weeks every April.  Being a photographer, yep, I went out to get some bluebonnet pictures because it’s April.

There are quite a few bluebonnet fields in the DFW area but the best are near a small town called Ennis, about an hour south of Dallas.  The best field this year is at the Meadow View Nature Area on the eastern shore of Lake Bardwell (just off Highway 34 before the long bridge over the lake).  I had seen a few pictures from a couple of photographer buddies (including Teja from Grabamile) and knew I needed to get down there before the bluebonnets were gone.

I love this picture but know I could do better, I’m hoping to go down to Ennis again before leaving for Alaska later this week, but for now enjoy some Texas Bluebonnets for this week’s Picture of the Week!

a field of blue flowers

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