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Sorry for the late Picture of the Week! I was in Alaska over the weekend, took a redeye flight home, and then I was photographying some golf for a charity tournament yesterday.  But wait no longer, Picture of the Week is back and it’s a great one this week, because it’s three pictures!

I was in Alaska over the weekend and had an absolute blast seeing the scenery.  I took my DJI Phantom 4 Pro with me in case any drone opportunities arose.  Why the Phantom 4 Pro instead of the Mavic Air?  Well, I figured with the mountains and whatnot the wind might get a little extreme and there’s just not getting around the fact that the Phantom 4 Pro is much more powerful than the Mavic Air, so I made that call and I think it was the right decision.

There was a lake close to the town of Seward that was iced over still but had some beautiful blue coloring to it (as you can see in my video from Alaska), so I got out the drone for some epic video and caught some incredible pictures between shots, so those will be this week’s pictures of the week!

For the photographers: I shot these in Aperture priority mode on the Phantom 4 Pro (a mode I miss on the Mavic Air) at ISO 100 and f5.6.  It was a bit windy so I took a few frames in each setting to make sure I got a crisp one.  I waited for the car in the third one just to add some motion to the scene instead of it just being a road.  Post processing was pretty easy, just Lightroom stuff for the most part but I also did a saturation graduated filter to deepen the blues a little bit, which I think worked well.  As always, any questions please let me know!


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