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I made a sudden trip out to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington this week and, unlike my bummer of a trip to Mexico, had great weather and fantastic photo opportunities the entire time!

This is a shot I took of the sun setting behind the mountains and making for a perfectly colored sky.  I used some new techniques here to smooth out the water as well.  In addition to my Sony a7rIII and the 24-70GM lens I used a Lee Big Stopper filter and the Lee 105mm polarizer to accomplish just about all of this shot in camera!  So everyone enjoy this week’s picture of the week from beautiful Lake Crescent!

a lake with trees and mountains in the background

For the photographers: this was an interesting one.  Because I didn’t have my long exposure controller for my a7rIII (and forgot I could control bulb mode with the Sony Playmemories app), I had to get the exposure time to 30 seconds with a 10-stop neutral density filter on.  Setting the camera to f8 or so, like I would’ve preferred, would’ve given me an exposure time of 8 minutes or so and that would’ve been awesome, but alas I couldn’t so I had to get the exposure down to something the camera could do automatically, meaning I went with f2.8, ISO 100, and a 30 second exposure.  I honestly didn’t need much post for this one, the camera and the scene took care of itself!

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