I finally made my way back to New York City for work this past week for a few days. I didn’t have a ton of time to go out and photo some graphy but I did my best anyway.

For those of you who know NYC pretty well, most of the time I’m working in NYC I’m in a triangle between Central Park, Times Square, and Grand Central Station.  This time, though, I was staying basically next to Madison Square Garden and Penn Station (at the crappy New Yorker hotel, although the staff were wonderful) so it was a bit easier to get some different shots instead of defaulting to Times Square or Central Park like I usually do.

I got a couple of good pictures so I thought I’d put them all in this post for you, please enjoy these pictures of the week!

Shot with my iPhone X!

For the photographers: The first two pictures were shot with my Sony a7rIII with the Canon 24mm TS-E tilt shift lens attached (via the Sigma MC-11 adapter) and the third was shot with my iPhone X (shot in RAW and edited in Lightroom Mobile while walking to my client’s office).  Post processing was super basic on all of them, no compositing or anything like that, just some longer exposures to get some light trails in the right places.  The only thing that took a while was waiting for a taxi to come by at the right time in the Empire State Building shot so it could be in the foreground.  As always, any questions please ask in the comments below!


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