Soooo I’m a Texas A&M Aggie. It’s one of my favorite things about me. To many of my friends it’s exasperating and a little too voluminous but such is life I guess.

I’m in College Station, Texas, right now for a bit of a secret project that I’m very excited about and hope to share very soon (let’s be honest it’ll probably be picture of the week on Sunday).  On my way down from Dallas my brother and I stopped to have dinner with mom and then drove south when we passed a very recognizable barn.  The famous Aggie Barn in Reagan, Texas, is painted by each class with A&M stuff and their class year.  It makes for wonderful pictures and is an iconic part of an otherwise boring drive south on Highway 6 through central Texas.

The sunset, however, couldn’t have been more perfectly situated for an epic shot.  The sun was descending behind the barn and I could barely set up my photography kit fast enough.  All in all, it was worth it and now I finally have a good image of the Aggie Barn!  Please enjoy this early picture of the week and stay tuned for what I’m hoping is another great photo of something really cool (at least in my Aggie opinion) soon!


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