Happy Monday! Apologies for the late Picture of the Week but I’ve been rather busy during my short trip to Cape Town!  Way more to come, including some wonderful images that rank among my favorite of all-time, especially this one.  In short, Cape Town has been incredibly amazing and is such a treat.  We’ve been aware the whole time and haven’t run into any safety issues (knocks vigorously on wood).

Our first day here we decided on a quick helicopter tour to see the sights.  We went with Sport Helicopters, who has an impressive fleet (including a restored US Army Huey from the Vietnam War).  We were going to go up in a Robinson R44, which I’m very used to, but at the last moment some other people booked for our flight and we switched to the more powerful Bell Jetranger.  Unfortunately, I could not convince them to leave the door off on my side (which always makes for better photos) but it ended up being ok.

The 30-minute Two Oceans tour was absolutely wonderful and fairly reasonable price-wise at roughly $170USD/person.  One of the first images I took from the flight is this perfect one, capturing most of the highlights of Cape Town, from Signal Hill and Lion’s Head to Table Mountain and the Twelve Apostles, the Green Point Stadium, and the historic waterfront.  As soon as I saw it while post-processing I knew it had to be the picture of the week!

For the photographers: This one was fairly easy in post with one exception: since I was shooting through a bulbous glass window I caught some pretty glaring reflections in the sky in the top right.  I was able to get rid of them in Photoshop pretty easily using some cloning and stamping, then ran through my typical workflow to finish everything off!

This was shot with my Sony a7rIII and my workhorse 24-70 f2.8 G Master lens at 24mm and f2.8.

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