Thursday was a big day for Delta, when the first revenue flights of their new Airbus A220 jets took off between DFW and New York’s LaGuardia Airport.  I was on the ramp at DFW to cover the event (my picture even made DFW Airport’s official press release!) and got some great pics, which I hope you enjoyed.

I hate reposting pics for the picture of the week segment but I haven’t been out shooting too much recently (I’ve been doing a ton of headshot sessions though!) so hopefully you’ll give me a bit of rope on this one because the picture is so good!

Pratt & Whitney are the exclusive engine provider for the Airbus A220/Bombardier CS100 and their GTF engine is why so many are excited about the new little jet.  It’s incredibly efficient and will help Delta really make some good inroads into some competitive markets.  I was lucky enough to grab a close up shot of the beautiful new engine so I thought it was worthy of being called Picture of the Week!

the engine of an airplane

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