Last Monday I had the chance to spend all night with American Airlines (read part I of the miniseries here).  The event really did last all night and ended at around 7:30 the next morning.  To say I was exhausted is completely understating things (I almost didn’t feel safe driving home I was so tired).  The event ended at an incredible location, however: atop the old tower between terminals A and C at DFW Airport.

I’ll get into much more detail about why we were there and what takes place there, but suffice it to say that the view was absolutely unbeatable.  I had two cameras with me, my Sony a7rIII and my Fuji GFX 50s.  As I saw the beautiful symmetry of the scene before me I knew I needed a panorama, so I grabbed the a7rIII, with the new 24mm f1.4 G Master lens attached, and took a quick panorama.  It captures a fantastic view of American jets on the ramp as well as some lovely symmetry of two American jets following each other into the ramp area.  I thought it was a great exclamation point to a wonderful weekend and a perfect Picture of the Week!

an airport with airplanes on the runway

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