Amidst a bit of turbulence in the airline industry came this great story yesterday from Qantas.

A motivated young entrepreneur in Australia, aged 10, sent the following letter to Qantas group CEO Alan Joyce asking for advice about the new airline he wanted to start.  (sharing the photos from the Facebook post below, since for some reason Facebook wouldn’t allow me to embed the post)

a close-up of a letter
a close-up of a letter

I have to hand it to the young man, he’s ambitious (and he also nailed the Unintelligible CEO Signature as well)!  Mr. Joyce indeed took his letter seriously and sent the following reply, offering a meeting with the young man to show him around the Qantas operation for inspiration.

a letter from a flight attendant

I love stories like this.  While many are content to just look up in the sky at planes this young man clearly wanted to do more.  Bravo to Mr. Joyce and Qantas for the great response.

Amidst the brouhaha around the Max 8 it’s nice to take a break and smile for a bit.

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