I’m in Georgia! No, not that Georgia, the country!  I’ve always wanted to visit this incredible country and look forward to sharing the highlights of my quick trip with you soon.  I thought I’d start, however, with a picture straight off the top of my photography bucket list: Gergeti Trinity Church, nestled in northern Georgia just above the mountain village of Kazbegi.

It’s an incredible monastery and took quite a journey to get there, but it was truly worth it for me.  I had a few different lenses with me and luckily brought the right one: my 70-200 f2.8 G Master, which I attached to my Sony a7rIII camera.  When we made it to the top of the precipice on which the monastery has stood for hundreds of years, I brought the camera to my eye, looked into the Sony’s electronic viewfinder, and saw the composition I had always wanted to see in person.  There’s absolutely no better choice for the picture of the week!

a stone building on a mountain

For the photographers:

As far as editing goes, I did some light adjustments to bring some detail out of the shadows and then meticulously went through and edited out all of the people who were walking around the scene (I’m printing this picture for myself and didn’t want anyone else in the shot), that took about 20 minutes with the clone and stamp tool but wasn’t anything too severe.  The story of the shot is the incredible sharpness and detail from the a7rIII + 70-200GM combo.  As always, feel free to ask questions about any post-processing in the comments below!

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