I love Founder’s Plaza at DFW Airport. It’s a beautiful facility just off the northwest corner of the airport and it’s designed for planespotting! From the ATC audio piped in to the picnic tables, it’s very common to see families out there having picnics as well as dorks like me out with cameras taking pictures of planes.

I was out at Founder’s yesterday and noticed a really thick patch of bluebonnets. Bluebonnets are the state flower of Texas and one of the harbingers of Spring before they die off in early May, so I always try to capture them while I can. I hauled my tripod and my Fuji GFX over to the bluebonnet patch, taking special precaution not to trample any flowers, and set up for this great shot! I love planes, I love flowers, and I love Texas, so I figured this was a worthy picture of the week!

a plane flying over a field of blue flowers

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