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Welp, it’s the rainy season in Dallas.

While not as consistent as, say, Singapore, springtime usually brings some fairly decent rainfall to the DFW area.  The Trinity River runs next to downtown Dallas and is mostly a controlled floodplain so the water level is low/nonexistent, but from time to time the rains make it rise faster than it can be let loose downstream.  When this happens, photographers all run out to a few different spots around the Trinity River Levees to grab some skyline reflection shots.  My friend Kathy had a hunch there would a be a good sunset so we gathered at one of The Spots and set everything up.

What a hunch it was!  At the last minute, the setting sun turned the clouds above downtown cotton candy pink, which contrasted perfectly with the blue tones of downtown.  I thought it made for a great picture of the week!

a city skyline with trees and water in the background

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