Hawaii is awesome for many reasons.  I know what you’re thinking “well, obviously, the beaches duh”, but there’s more to Hawaii than that.  There’s things like overpriced soft serve ice cream overpriced gasoline overpriced cocktails at touristy restaurants mountains, hiking, and…the largest tree in the United States of America.

I mean, the beaches are great too, but who wouldn’t want to see the largest tree in the USA?  I put together a little video about the tree for the YouTube channel (to which you should subscribe if you haven’t yet!) as part of a new series of shorter videos I’m planning called Something I Found Interesting.

I shot the footage with my Mavic 2 Pro drone (even the walking through town shots, I just turned on the drone and walked with it instead of flying with it so the footage would at least be stabilized) and am happy with how it turned out!

What else should I cover in my SIFI series?  Lots of interesting stuff out there!


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