I’ve been absolutely in love with my Fuji GFX100 since I bought it almost a month ago.  It’s extreme, absurd, too much, and a bit ridiculous, but that all seems to go away whenever I see the images from it.

Which brings us to just now.  I was sitting there saying to myself “man, I need a picture of the week, I’ve been slacking on those” as I was walking into my condo.  My next door neighbors have some beautiful decorations on their balcony area including some railing planters with seasonal flowers.  I noticed some honeybees flying around doing, you know, bee stuff and had an idea.

So, I don’t own a macro lens for the GFX…yet.  But what I do own is a 250mm telephoto lens (roughly 200mm on a full frame camera) and have 100 megapixels to play with.  I grabbed my camera to set up for a shot.  I digitally zoomed in to make sure I was focusing on the bee which would’ve worked perfectly but then the bee filled the screen and AHHH BEE.  I calmed down, focused, and shot a few quick shots.

To show you the full power of this awesome camera, I’ve compressed the original image down to 2048 pixels on the long edge (which is how I share almost all my pictures on this blog, it’s far more than most people recommend but my readers are worth it).  And then I cropped to a native 2048 pixels across just so you can see the true resolving power of this incredible camera.  The second picture will be this week’s Picture of the Week!

a close up of a plant with pink flowers


a bee on a flower


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