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Just north of San Francisco is a beautiful part of the country with wineries, national parks, redwoods…and a tree tunnel.  I mean that’s a pretty weird way of summarizing the northern part of the country’s most populous state, but oh well.  Across the Golden Gate Bridge and north of San Fran you’ll find the Point Reyes National Seashore, a national park of sorts which is stunningly beautiful.  Verdant countryside gives way to windy seashore with beautiful vistas.  There’s another vista that’s pretty amazing: a tunnel made out of cypress trees.

It’s located between the main road and an old building (which I think is still in use) on the western side of the seashore.  There’s not really any signs for it, but if you’re driving the main road of the seashore on your way out to the lighthouse you can’t miss it, particularly because you’ll see a bunch of other cars and photographers parked on the side of the road.

The tree tunnel absolutely gets crowded with people, so if you go just be prepared to be patient in order to get your shot (or Photoshop them out, which is what I did).  Sunrise and sunset are great times to get shots with some great directional light illuminating the trees but unfortunately it was hazy and cloudy when I went, but I still ended up with a shot I was very happy with.  And that shot will be this week’s picture of the week!

a road with trees on the side

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