I made a return visit to Texas A&M yesterday with the girlfriend to take in one of the greatest spectacles in all of sports: a Texas A&M football game at the legendary Kyle Field.  Yes, yes, I know your school is awesome and all that, but Kyle Field is the most unique gameday experience in all of College Football, bar none.  If you disagree, well, leave me a comment I guess but I’m about as Aggie as it gets so don’t count on it changing my mind 🙂

Anyhoo, it was a rough game for the Aggies yesterday, as the Auburn Tigers played with 8 men in the box for most of the day with single coverage, completely disrespecting our QB.  Our offense responded aggressively by not going deep and also fumbling the ball at a critical time.  Bummer of a game, Auburn won 28-20, but we fixed it with drinking a bad day as an Aggie is still better than a good day as an Anything Else.

I bet you thought I’d bring my new Fuji GFX100 to capture a super mega ultra high-resolution image of the stadium, like I did a few years back in my Aggie-viral Kyle Field picture, which is now the cover of a CD and on a pool table in the player locker room, right?  Well, you’re exactly wrong.  I should’ve brought the Fuji but didn’t want to risk it being damaged in the normal gameday nonsense.

So, I called an audible and used my iPhone X.  I didn’t use the panorama mode, just took three images that I stitched into a panorama and I love how it turned out (game results aside).

a football stadium full of people

On the way back home, we decided to stop at the Aggie Barn in Reagan, Texas, for another shot, again with the iPhone X, I remain constantly impressed that a phone can take this great of a picture!

a barn with a sign on it

If all this Aggie stuff isn’t your type of thing, send me to your school and I’ll make some great images!

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