For those of you who missed the news last week, American is testing out paid access to Flagship First Dining at DFW Airport.  The test period will last for a few months before they analyze and decide whether to roll it out more broadly across their network.  As a quick reminder, only ConciergeKey and Executive Platinum members traveling on an itinerary which already qualifies them for Flagship Lounge access are eligible for this test.

I initially reported the price was $150, which was correct at the time.  The price has been adjusted to $100 per person, starting today.

Much of the commentary I had seen was that $150 per person was too much.  I wonder if the same will hold true at $100 per person.  I think the price is still high enough to be a limiting factor (which is the point), but out of sheer curiosity I imagine a few more will take advantage of this than before with the lower price point.  Basically I think $200 for a party of two is more in the “aw heck why not” category versus the Serious Financial Decision of $300 for that same party.

I mentioned the food a lot in last week’s post, but for those who imbibe, the cocktail menus and the exclusive bar area after your meal may win some more people over to try out the Flagship First Dining area.  So here are some pictures of a few of the drinks available at DFW Flagship First Dining.

a bar with a bar and a group of lights from the ceiling

a person pouring a champagne into a glass

two glasses of champagne on a table

two glasses of drinks on a table

a glass of liquid and a drink on a table

A great point about the American Express Platinum Airline Benefit

Teja from Grabamile made a great point in a comment on last week’s post.  American Express Platinum cardholders receive a $200 credit towards airline fees each year.  I haven’t seen anyone’s results yet, but depending on how this codes it could be eligible for reimbursement under this benefit.  If that ends up being the case I think you’ll see adoption rates skyrocket.  I’ll keep you posted!

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