One of my favorite places to enjoy some planespotting is the pool deck of the Grand Hyatt at DFW Airport.  If you’re not staying there you can buy a Gym Pass for $35 (it’s actually a nicely equipped gym with a couple of Peloton bikes and good equipment) and they don’t have an issue with you planespotting from the outer deck.  It’s great because it’s landside, so you don’t have to worry about clearing security or anything.

To prep for my big rocket launch this weekend I needed to test my 250mm and 1.4x teleconverter on my Fuji GFX100, so I made my way over to DFW yesterday.  I normally shoot off the west side of the pool deck to capture more of the “interesting” traffic from Terminal D.

an airplane taking off from a runway

Coincidentally, yesterday there happened to be two Qantas A380s at DFW, as one of the flights had a brutal 22hr delay due to mechanical reasons, causing them to be there at the same time to get things back on track.

airplanes at an airport

So that was interesting, but I noticed a bunch of jets taking off on a path that made for a cool composition behind DFW’s center tower.  I took my place and fired off some shots and ended up with a great shot, so I figured we’d make that this week’s Picture of the Week!

a plane flying over a control tower


Where’s your favorite place to go planespotting?  Tell me in the comments below!

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