Well we’re pretty much all working from home at this point, thanks to the virus.  I could go on and on about what this means for the economy at large but I’m kinda tired of talking and speculating about it, to be honest.  So let’s do right by ourselves and accept that what is in the present is indeed in the present and react accordingly.

Most of you know I have a full-time job in the finance industry, so work must go on while I’m at home (and indeed it is).  For me and my team this will mean lots of videoconferencing.  I know this isn’t really a travel-related post, but since no one is really traveling right now I figured I might be able to take a little time and walk you through some videoconferencing tips I’ve picked from 1) being on thousands of videoconference calls over the past decade in my professional capacity and 2) being a photographer and videographer.



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