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Remember when flying?  Me too.  I miss it.  I hate that this virus is destroying lives and livelihoods.  Aviation demand is down 97%.  It’s beyond any worst-case scenario any disaster planner would’ve ever imagined.

So let’s not focus on it, just for a few minutes.

Let’s remember the beauty of flying.  The jets sitting at the gate, waiting for their passengers.  The rush when you start to feel the rotation of the jet as it gracefully lifts into the skies.

And let’s do all of it at 4K resolution.

For my picture of the week feature, here are 19 4K resolution wallpapers free for personal use

I took these back on February 17th, only two months ago and in what seems like an ancient world with airports full of planes full of passengers.  Yes, they’re mostly of American, as that’s kinda what lands on the west side of DFW Airport.  I took these from the rooftop of the Grand Hyatt DFW, taking advantage of their Planespotter Day Pass (only $35, which I think is reasonable).

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