I love Bluffworks.  What started out as them sending me some pants to travel in (which I tested by flying to Hong Kong and Beijing and climbed the Great Wall, naturally) resulted in a wonderful friendship with the Bluffworks team.

Bluffworks makes smart and functional travel clothing.  Whenever I hear “travel clothing” I usually think of cargo pants but Bluffworks managed to create incredibly unique and durable clothes that work as well on the road as they do in the office.  Their clothes have been a staple in my luggage ever since.

This morning they announced their latest and greatest product: the BluffCube.  A smart, versatile, and super-light travel packing cube.  The campaign went live on Kickstarter just a few hours ago and they’ve already funded the product!  Stefan Loble, Bluffworks CEO, and I had a chat about the new cubes a month or two ago and I was amazed at just how versatile they were.  Now, to be completely transparent, I’m not a packing cube guy, but these BluffCubes just might convert me into one.

The BluffCube

For someone who brings a lot of camera gear on almost every trip, space is at a premium for me, especially since I hate checking bags.  The concept of the BluffCube is simple: a lightweight, durable packing cube which allows you to compress things down and create more space.    The sheer amount of clothing you can pack into one of these cubes is amazing!

There are two varieties: the pro, which has a little bit more structure to it (basically more suitable for business travelers) and the sport, which doesn’t have as much structure but makes you better at sports is perfect for backpackers who need to save every bit of space that they can.

The sport comes in a variety of colors, which could be handy on a family trip to know whose stuff is whose.

How do packing cubes work?  Simple.  You put stuff into it (rolling usually works best) and then cinch it shut with the straps on the front.  What makes the BluffCube different are the cool ways you can access your stuff.  Let me show you.


Now let’s talk capacity.  Just how much can you fit into these things?  A lot.  First off, they come in two sizes, conveniently named Small and Large.  Here are the dimensions.

You read that right at the bottom: 10.5 L of capacity in the large!. Let’s translate that into clothes with the following gif to illustrate.

In case you missed it, here’s what you can fit into the new BluffCubes.

Right now is the PERFECT time to release a new travel product

When I first heard about the BluffCubes I thought to myself, “is now a good time to release a new travel product?”  Honestly I think it’s the perfect time.  The world is yearning to travel again.  Americans are renting RVs and campsites like never before.  It’ll take a little bit to get your BluffCubes in hand and hopefully by that time some more options for travel will be opened to us.  Even if they’re not, these amazing things will make your next road trip that much better.

Click here to visit the Kickstarter page and order your BluffCubes!

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