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This weekend is bittersweet for me.  You see, it was supposed to be Game Weekend for a fantastic organization I’ve been a part of for the past four years: BvB Dallas.

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I’ve told you about BvB Dallas before on the blog, in 2017, 2018, and pictures from the game have made my Top 10 Favorite Images two years in a row.  Like in almost every other area of life, 2020 has been a bit different for BvB Dallas, and I wanted to tell you about it, because their cause has not stopped or slowed down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, if anything it’s even more important now than ever.

What is BvB Dallas?

BvB Dallas is a young professional organization in the Dallas area raising money for Alzheimer’s Disease research and patient/caregiver support.  Each year, BvB Dallas raises money during the Spring and Summer months, culminating in an epic powderpuff flag football game between Blondes and Brunettes at the legendary Cotton Bowl Stadium in Dallas (for those unaware, “powderpuff” football means females are playing the actual football game with male coaches).  Throughout the summer, the organization hosts parties, fundraising events, and the individual players and coaches host their own personal fundraisers as well.  

At the core of BvB Dallas is the cause: to tackle Alzheimer’s forever.  Many of the players and coaches have personally been affected by Alzheimer’s Disease.  Former Bru Crew head coach David Klotz shared his mother’s experience with Alzheimer’s in a recent Mission Moment on Facebook:

It’s not about the football, it’s more than that, and that’s why I’ve been involved for the past four years.

The causes BvB Dallas supports

BvB Dallas partners with beneficiaries in the Dallas area to provide support for seniors and sponsor research projects with local hospitals, among them the Center for Brain Health, UT Southwestern Medical Center, and the Senior Source.  It’s not just about fighting the disease, we also want to make sure patients and caregivers are getting the support they need to continue the fight together.  Last year BvB Dallas raised over $550,000 for the cause and is close to the $5 million fundraising mark since they were founded 13 years ago.  The players and coaches are phenomenal both on the field and raising money off of it.

How I’ve been involved

I have had the privilege of being the lead photographer for BvB Dallas since the 2017 season.  From a photographic standpoint it’s been an incredible challenge!  From headshots to events to football, documenting the stories of BvB Dallas has been a challenge and an absolute joy.  I’ve made lifelong friends on both teams and in my heart I know we’ve pushed back the darkness of Alzheimer’s, even if a little bit.

I love this organization and all of the events we do, but there’s nothing like recruiting some of the best sports photographers I know and shooting some amazing flag football at the legendary Cotton Bowl!

a group of women playing football

a group of women in sports uniforms

a group of women playing football

a woman holding another woman's arm while lying on the ground

a man in black shirt holding a clipboard with another man in black shirt

a group of people on a field

a group of women playing football

Last year the Bru Crew pulled away late to win the game, which was as spirited and competitive as ever.

a group of women in sports uniforms

But then COVID happened

This weekend should’ve been the 2020 BvB Dallas game, the culmination of months of fundraising, practices, and camaraderie.  Sadly, there will be no BvB game this year due to the COVID pandemic.

But the cause remains.

Alzheimer’s patients are severely at risk for COVID-19.  And not just that, most facilities are not allowing families to visit their loved ones, out of precaution and to prevent an outbreak.  So BvB Dallas is still raising money this year because Alzheimer’s didn’t take the year off.  Events have looked a little different, including a socially distanced car parade around a senior living facility to encourage the residents and help them feel loved.

a group of people in a line of cars

two women holding signs in the back of a car

Here’s how you can help

Join me in donating to BvB Dallas at this link.  Pick your favorite team, blonde or brunette, or pick the neutral team if you don’t want to pick sides.  Give what you can, I can promise you the organization will use the money effectively and give most of it to the beneficiaries doing the heavy lifting in the fight.  The beneficiaries haven’t stopped fighting and they need our support to continue.

I’m so proud to be a part of this organization and family.  My time as the lead photographer is winding down but I’m planning on staying involved to help these amazing people do amazing things for people who need it.

To my BvB friends: I know this year hasn’t looked like you thought, and some of you didn’t know you were walking off the playing field for the last time in 2019.  I’ve been inspired by your creativity and optimism even without a game this year.  You’re the best kinds of people and it’s been my honor to be your photographer.

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