I was flying to Colorado Saturday and overheard the flight attendants talking in the galley.

“Well, what are you going to do?  How many do you have left after this one?”
“I don’t know yet, and none.  This is my last flight.  No idea where I’m going from here.”

If not for COVID I would’ve given the guy a hug.  And that flight attendant is just one of the tens of thousands of aviation industry professionals who are being furloughed and laid off tonight.

The aviation industry was and is still being ravaged by COVID-19.  I’ve covered it extensively, mainly focusing on the impact to the machines on the ground.  But today we witness the human cost.

American Airlines is laying off nearly every flight attendant below 40 years of age, per Gary Leff.  Flight attendant friends who have been with the airline taking customers for almost a decade are losing their jobs.  They face more questions than answers.  It’s not just American.  Today is furlough day for almost every airline in the USA.  It’s just a sad day.  October is a new month, and many aviation industry folks will wake up to more questions than answers.  Reach out, encourage them, let them know it’ll all work out.  Their frequent flyer family will help however we can.

I don’t really have much more to say than to keep your aviation family in your thoughts and prayers.  For those of you able to hire people, hire some aviation industry folks!

And if you’re a flight attendant who has been furloughed, can get to Dallas, and would like some free headshots to help you find what’s next, please reach out to me!

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