After a long wait, Picture of the Week is back!

Oh, and also Dallas and the great state of Texas have been absolutely crippled by snow and ice for the past week.

Without getting into the politicals of what’s been happening in Dallas (everyone seems to have an opinion about What We Should Have Done and Why The Party I Dislike Is Responsible), I wanted to create an image that showed the scale of what Dallas was facing.

So I went back to a previous picture of the week in 2016, shot from a pedestrian bridge overlooking Dealey Plaza (infamously famous for the JFK assassination, which occurred on the road to the left, with the former Texas School Book Depository, site of the Sixth Floor Museum today, also being on the left).  It was shot just before sunrise on a cloudy day. 

I braved the crazy roads in my Tesla (which handled the roads incredibly well!) and took another image from roughly the same time of day of Dealey Plaza covered in snow.  I put the images together in photoshop to show the stark contrast in scenes.  What is normally a highly-trafficked transportation corridor was almost completely empty.  Little did I know that in the coming days, numerous friends and family members would lose power, heat, and hot water for days.

It looks like things are going to end up ok for Dallas, with temperatures above freezing coming back tomorrow, but until then please enjoy this week’s Picture of the Week: How It Starteed vs. How It’s Going

a road with lights on it and a city in the background

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