The entry situation for Iceland has changed, see this update for details

Well, I posted yesterday that Iceland had reopened its doors to Americans.  This morning I arrived at Keflavik Airport in Iceland to see for myself.

Now, there had been ways for Americans to get into Iceland, but all of them involved bringing a negative PCR Covid test with you (from within 72 hours of departure), taking a COVID test at the airport, going into quarantine for 5 days, and taking another COVID test before you were allowed to explore the country.

That has all changed if you’re vaccinated (and have your original CDC vaccination card), have a positive antibody test, or a positive COVID test that’s older than 14 days (you read that correctly, the assumption being that if you tested positive more than 14 days ago you should be in the clear now).  Double-check the documentation here, but I showed up at Keflavik with nothing but my CDC vaccination card and passport and everything was fine.

Here was my experience today:

  1. I pre-registered my trip on the Icelandic government’s website before my flight departed.  You must do this.  When you’ve completed the form, you’ll be emailed a barcode.  Take a screenshot of this barcode on your mobile device
  2. When checking in at the airport for my Icelandair flight from Boston, they asked for travel documentation to enter the country.  I showed my original CDC vaccination form, and that was sufficient for them
  3. After we landed, I made my way to a bank of stands where they registered people for their COVID tests.  Tell the staff there you have a vaccine and they will send you to the right, directly to passport control stanchions, and not to the left where the tests are administered
  4. At the passport stanchion, have your barcode ready on your mobile device (Keflavik airport has free wifi if you forgot to take a screenshot and need to access your email), they will scan it
  5. Hand over your passport and CDC card
  6. The customs agent jotted some notes down on a piece of paper…and THAT WAS IT.  No COVID test, nothing

I’m now in Iceland.  I’m vaccinated.  And I’m free to roam.

a black building with a white door and a white door

a sunset over a body of water with mountains and clouds

an iceberg on a beach

Time to roam.

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