The American Airlines AAdvantage program turns 40 years old on May 1, 2021.

American Airlines, just a couple of years after the Airline Deregulation Act prompted never-seen-before competition, launched the AAdvantage program in May of 1981, only a week before United joined them with the launch of their MileagePlus program.  It’s not an exaggeration to call the frequent flyer programs some of the best ideas in the history of marketing, right up there with the De Beers cartel’s marketing efforts around diamonds being the only way to propose to your fiance in the early 1900s.  Put simply, frequent flyer programs helped customers choose specific airlines without those airlines needing to really do anything.  It’s amazing the hold that airline status still has on us (myself included).

a plane on the tarmac

American Airlines 787

American has decided to ring in 40 years of AAdvantage with a cool and potentially lucrative promotion.  AAdvantage members can go to, log in with their AAdvantage credentials, and play daily until May 5th in order to win a variety of prizes, ranging from 40 AAdvantage miles all the way up to 40 grand prizes of 1 million AAdvantage miles!

I played this morning and won four prizes of 40 AAdvantage miles.  160 AAdvantage miles isn’t the most amazing thing in the world but it does reset my expiration clock and, if I win that each day for 30 days, I’ll happily take a free 4800 AAdvantage miles!


Check out the promo and report back what you win!

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