Iceland was amazing.

And expensive, especially for an 8-night trip!

But mainly amazing.

As I write this post, the temperature in Dallas is in the lower 80s and will climb up to 100 degrees today.  Even though it’s only been three days since Iceland I find myself wistful for the 50-degree and windy weather of that great island country.

I have so much content coming your way about the trip but wanted to talk about a few things that made the trip just so wonderful.


This trip was mainly an ambitious attempt to produce a piece of content that the world has never seen before about my favorite animal in the world: the Atlantic Puffin.  Iceland’s cliffs are crawling with these adorable birds from May-early August and I went to an isolated island where you can be around tens of thousands of them (there was even a film crew from a popular video streaming service there to do the same thing I was doing!).

I found the puffins.

two birds standing in the grass

a close up of a bird

a close up of a bird

I was even able to get a few of them flying this time!

a bird flying in the air

a bird flying in the air

Lots more to come about the puffins.

The northern and eastern parts of Iceland

Most people tend to stay in the southwestern or southern part of Iceland (especially if they’re following my sample Iceland itinerary).  I’ve been there and done that quite a few times, but was glad to spend some more time in towns like Husavik and Seydisfjordur this time.

a field of purple flowers with a city in the background

a church with a rainbow walkway

and, last but certainly not least…

Offroading with Icelandic friends

I had never been into the central part of Iceland before.  The F-roads leading into the Highlands, as they’re known, are only open during the summer and only to 4-wheel drive vehicles.  I met up with my buddy Petur, who has a fancy Land Cruiser that he’s customized for some elite off-roading and we cut across the Highlands on our way north to catch a ferry to the Puffin island and we just had a blast.  The landscape made us feel like we were on another planet!

a dirt road in a rocky area

a car on a dirt road

The last day of my trip Petur reached out and let me know that the road to the famed Landmannalauger region had opened that day, but only for cars like his, not my trusty but low-slung AWD Ford Kuga with 187000km on the ticker.

We went out to Landmannalauger in his Land Cruiser and had an audience as he casually drove across a river that had claimed three cars earlier that day.

I can’t wait to return to Landmannalauger soon, it looked absolutely incredible.  God/nature/clouds/whatever it was greeted us with a double rainbow even!

a rainbow over a snowy mountain

It was just amazing.

Lots more to come!

I took plenty of pictures and even brought a new drone along with me that blew me away!  Stay tuned for more!

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