The travel/points blogger world is a fun one.  Lots of great writers (especially those on the and networks, I’m biased though) write about amazing and incredible experiences.

(Giddy for Points, part of another fine blogging network, First2Board, put together a fantastic listing of the bloggers that are part of the various networks for reference)

Simply because we all tend to fly similar routes and have similar aspirational properties and experiences we seek, there’s a lot of overlap in this world.  So I thought we should play a little game: Travel Blogger Bingo.

Rules are simple.  You can make a straight line, diagonal line, four corners, or go for blackout and complete all squares (I can think of a few bloggers who have actually done all of these).

The Bingo Board

I picked the individual squares based on a unflenchingly rigid set of strict guidelines that were created via extensive research and analysis of blah blah blah ok I actually thought of these about 10 minutes ago based on nothing but my thoughts.

Everyone ready?  Let me know in the comments when you have bingo, and feel free to post links to some of your favorite experiences!

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