Part I: Getting There
Part II: Cuzco to Machu Picchu
Part III: Approaching Machu Picchu via Train
Part IV: How to Buy Tickets for Machu Picchu and How I Almost Screwed It All Up
Part V: Machu Picchu in Pictures
Part VI: Wrapping up the trip in Cuzco

We arrived back in Cuzco and checked into our hotel, the Torre Dorrada.  It’s in an apartment building on the outskirts of Cuzco,which sounds way worse than it is.  It was a great value and got high reviews on TripAdvisor so we went with it.  It’s set pretty far away from the Plaza de Armas but they have a complimentary shuttle to take you into el centro whenever you’d like, included in your fare (they pick you up at a main bus stop, all you have to do is give them a call, or have your waiter/shopkeep call them, and they’re there in 10 minutes).

This is going to be a pretty picture-intensive post, as I already covered a lot of Cuzco in my previous post on it.  We did explore more this time, lots of hills to climb and kilometers to walk.

Then we had some more local coffee to sample at that same Starbucks.

a coffee shop with a counter and a display


We then went up to a cathedral in the hills, stopping along the way for pictures.

a blue door on a white building

A door

At the top of the hill was the cathedral, which sported a few men playing Incan music and some amazing views of Cuzco.

a city with many buildings and mountains

Vista of Cuzco

After spending time up there, we wanted to do some souvenir shopping, so we went to the kitschy shops surrounding the plaza.

a man walking in a street with many colorful cloths

Guy walking down the market street

The sun was setting, both on Cuzco and our wonderful trip.  I was sure to get some great sunset shots, then some long exposure shots once night fell.

a large stone building with towers and people walking in front

Sunset over the plaza

And, our final pic from the trip, the fountain in the plaza.

a fountain with a statue on top of it

What a great trip!

Thanks for coming along with us, hope you enjoyed the report and I sincerely hope you’ll visit Machu Picchu.  Let me know if you do and how I can help!

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