My friend Amanda and I went to Hong Kong over MLK weekend on a quick mileage run.  We had to start the trip in Toronto, so I covered a night/nap at the Hilton Toronto Airport and she covered the hotel in Hong Kong (she got the raw end of the deal there).  The Hilton Toronto Airport was a very airport hotel, in that it had a room and was nice enough.

The next morning we hopped on a short flight back to, yes, DFW, where we both originated, then aboard an American 777-300ER for a (and yes this is a quote) “quick 16h48m” flight to Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong mass transit system is wonderful.  The Airport Express train costs a reasonable $13USD one-way, so we hopped on for the 26-minute journey to Hong Kong Station.  From there it was a quick change to the subway/MTR station where we got on the Blue Line.  We alighted at Admiralty Station and made our way to…a mall, one of like 8 billion malls in Hong Kong, all seemingly featuring the same stores.

Anyway, we walked through the mall lobby and to the mall entrance for the JW Marriott.

We were promptly assisted up to the lobby by a doorman and checked in to our room.  We got a complimentary upgrade to a corner room, which was fantastic!

a room with two beds and a chair

Corner room, JW Marriott

two beds in a hotel room


As we were getting settled in a bellman arrived with a welcome amenity for us.

a room with two chairs and a table with a tray of food

Fruit plate and tea

The beds were comfortable and the room nicely appointed.

We didn’t make use of the restaurants or the health club, so apologies if this review seems a bit incomplete, but the property itself is beautiful as well.

a group of people standing in front of a glass building

Main entrance

a marble staircase in a building

Main hall


Overall it was a fine stay (especially since she paid with points, otherwise our two nights would’ve cost us $300/night).  The location was nice if not unremarkable, probably more a location for business travelers.  I was excited to compare it to the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong a few weeks later (post to come!).


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