This week kicked off a cool event at my “regular” job.  A city near Dallas holds a big competition that companies in the area can join and compete against companies of similar size.  Proceeds go to benefit the Special Olympics and helps you get to know coworkers you may not otherwise meet during the normal course of a workweek so it’s really a bunch of fun.

During the opening ceremonies all the companies bring out food and beverage, dress up, and generally have a great time.  Before the event kicked off there was a color guard ceremony followed by the national anthem of the USA.  I had my wide-angle lens on my camera, which pushes everything away from the camera, which is why I like this picture so much.  There’s a faint hint of a sunburst and it almost seems like everything is pressed up against the sky.

Anyway, here you go, Color Guard!

Color Guard

Color Guard

For the photographers: this got a bit interesting.  I put the sun in the right-hand side of the frame and closed my aperture down to f22 to see if I could get it to sunburst a bit (I didn’t have an ND filter on me).  It ended up having a good effect on the sun but most of the people were severely underexposed, it took quite a bit of work to get them back.  Anyway, the pic was shot at 16mm, f22, ISO 100, 1/80 of a second exposure.  Processed in Lightroom and then a combination of Nik Collection plug-ins.

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