Hi everyone!  I was supposed to be in New Zealand right now but had to unexpectedly cancel the trip, which was a big-time bummer.  All for the best though, I got plenty of work done at Actual Job, which is where I was needed.

Anyway, we were all warned early in the week of a significant rain event that would hit Dallas starting Thursday night and pretty much going all through the weekend.  They said it would be a rain event of such significance that we should expect some flash flooding.  They were right on both counts.  The rain was significant and led to some flooding, particularly south of Dallas in Navarro county, where they got 14″ (35cm) of rain!

There were some amazing low clouds that had been covering downtown Dallas all day and Friday evening I decided to risk heading down there for a shot.  I checked the water levels of the Trinity River and saw it was nice and high so I made preparations to go downtown and get my shot.  Instead of just taking the picture I wanted to do some video as well, kind of a Story of the Shot if you will.  I want to do more video stuff for the blog and this is my first effort, so sorry if it’s terrible!  I’m learning the whole video thing and will get better, I promise.

Here’s the story of the shot, followed by the picture of the week below!

Flooded Dallas

Dallas Flooded

For the photographers: this is actually a composite of 6 shots with my Sony a7rII.  I had a 90mm lens on the camera and didn’t change the lens before I got out to my spot.  I would’ve preferred to take this picture with my 55mm lens to make the post processing a little cleaner but I’m happy with it.  f8, ISO 100, .8s exposure time.  I processed the images in Lightroom then stitched them together in Photoshop.  Once I got everything looking right in Photoshop I processed the image in Silver Efex Pro 2 to convert to black and white.

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