I’m in lovely (and chilly) Tokyo right now for my Actual Job.  It’s fun to be in Tokyo proper and I walked around the city a bit yesterday to get my bearings.  This won’t be the only stop on this Asia trip as I’ll be heading to Hong Kong and Singapore before heading back to Dallas.

Anyway, I realized that my hotel room faces directly east and I have a balcony, so I set my camera up for a timelapse yesterday morning and ended up with some great footage.  From those images I pulled together this week’s picture of the week, enjoy!

tokyo sunrise-1-5

Tokyo Sunrise, by Andy Luten

For the photographers: This one was pretty involved, it’s actually a manual blend of two pictures taken about an hour apart.  Most of the image was taken right at sunrise but the lights in the buildings and the car trails were from a pre-sunrise picture and blended it with the other image via a luminosity mask.  I took the net result into Nik Color Efex Pro 4 and finished it off with a bit of a graduated filter from the top.

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