So I’m in Sydney, on the tail end of a really really long work trip. To be honest I’m really exhausted and was strongly considering skipping this leg and heading home. But boy was I in for a pleasant surprise today when I landed in Sydney, with absolutely perfect weather (especially compared to steamy and humid Singapore). I had a great day walking around Darling Harbour and the Circular Quay area. This evening I was meeting a colleague for dinner at Circular Quay and brought along my new Sony a7rIII along with my trusty Mefoto Globetrotter tripod.

I somehow missed the memo but it turns out there was a supermoon over Australia tonight, and as luck would have it the supermoon ended up right over the top of the Sydney Opera House!  While I missed out on being there for the beginning of the supermoon (when it’s at its largest) I was still super happy that I got a chance to capture it so well, so of course it had to be this week’s Picture of the Week!

For the photographers: this is a two-image composite.  One was shot at f2.8 with an exposure time of 1.6 seconds to capture the moon and clouds with sharp and crisp details, and the second was a 25 second exposure at f8 to get the blurry water.  I then just brought over the water from the second and replaced it over the water of the first to get some clean clouds and smooth water.  After that it was pretty easy in post, nothing too crazy.  Let me know if you have any questions!


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