First of all, thanks so much for all of the comments from my They Will Fly Again project.  I really had no idea how it would be received, but I received not just a ton of comments on the post itself but numerous emails from those in the aviation industry thanking me for telling the story of what they’re facing right now.  I cannot tell you how much that means to me, it makes the whole thing worth it.

And now, the rest of what I saw.

I love aerial photography because you get to see things from new perspectives.  Obviously my focus during these flights was to capture jets that were supposed to be in the air but I’m pretty much always shooting when I’m in the air (it’s so expensive, might as well).  I thought I’d share some other images that captured my eye while in the air.

Rental Car Lots

The rental car industry is being hit VERY hard by the pandemic, in fact many think a few of the bigger agencies are at risk of bankruptcy.  As a result, there are parking lots full of cars around the country, just like the planes parked at airports.  I managed to catch a few different rental car lots in Houston, Fort Worth, and Kansas City.


I love unique planes and had the chance to see plenty of them during my flights.  Not all of them fit the theme of the project so I didn’t get to share many of the unique ones, so I’ll do that here.  From a long Cathay Pacific Cargo 747 taking off at DFW…

To a diverted United jet at DFW waiting for takeoff behind a Cessna 172.

If the light would’ve been better I bet I would’ve been able to sell this picture to UPS also, coming in for landing with the Dallas skyline in the background.

I also saw some recognizable (and not so recognizable) retired jets, from Delta 747s at Pinal Airpark in Arizona…

to a group of retired Air Zimbabwe and El Al jets in Kansas City.

We even saw a Huey helicopter staged and ready for aerial firefighting in Arizona!

Flight School

Every single helicopter company I chartered was also a flight school, so we saw plenty of students practicing, including a first-time solo flight in a helicopter in Fort Worth!


There’s plenty to see from the air.  I have an odd fascination with highway interchanges and got to see some of the most complex in the USA from the air on my trip!

I also loved the variety of landscapes that I saw in different regions of the country.  From the arid fields and hills of southern Arizona…

to the surprisingly beautiful rolling hills around Kansas City.

And who knew Tulsa had such a beautiful downtown core?

…except for the BOK Center, which looked more like a loose roll of duct tape to me.

And who doesn’t love the Texas Motor Speedway outside of Fort Worth?

Hope you enjoyed this small glimpse into The Rest of the Story, and thanks again for all the positive feedback!


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