Well I’ve finally finished all of my Patagonia videos, which you should definitely watch so you can see some of my trip!  (oh, and you can subscribe to the YouTube channel for a new series coming soon!)

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

And now it’s time to share my favorite pictures from Patagonia.  Some of these you’ve already seen on the blog and others have only been in the videos.  They’re all here together for you now.

1. The Penguin

A previous Picture of the Week winner, I really love this picture.  Taking it was mostly luck, since the penguin was exhausted enough not to care that I was (quietly) getting fairly close to it.  The combo of some amazing scenery, good image quality from the a7rII, and that it has a penguin in it makes this one a definite favorite.

2. Lonely Bus Stop

These little bus stop shelters dot the landscape on Route 9 from Punta Arenas almost all the way to Torres del Paine.  I don’t specifically remember seeing that many buses so maybe that’s why they have these little enclosures: you may be waiting a while.  I think it’s a nice contrast to the mostly barren landscape.

3. The Lonely Road

I love single-point perspective shots like this (I took another at Monument Valley many years ago).  The road, or path really, since it was unpaved, just kind of goes into nowhere before taking a lazy left turn.  This is technically still Route 9 on my way south of Punta Arenas on my way to the path that led to the penguin picture above.

4. Pier Beams in Puerto Natales

Pier beams always make great compositional elements for photography.  Not only are they visually interesting as a representation of something which used to be there they’re also great for leading lines.  In the picture above, for example, the pier beams guide your eyes from the foreground past the swans and to the mountains in the distance.  Leading lines are wonderful for creative negative space as well.

5. Torres del Paine in black and white

This may be my favorite picture from the trip and the one I’m most eager to have printed.  My only regret is not taking my tripod out for a longer exposure to smooth the water and also not having a polarizer, which I think would’ve made the picture even better.  I love the rocks in the foreground, the reflection on Lago Pehoe and the epic mountains in the background.  It was super cloudy that day and using a black and white treatment really let the clouds add to the drama of the scene instead of washing out the color had I chosen to go for a color treatment.

6. Sunny Lago Pehoe

Aso you can tell I really loved the geologic formations of the mountains from the Lago Pehoe viewpoint.  This one captures the beauty of the mountains, shows some cool-looking sun rays, and I really like how the blue of the sky contrasts a little bit with the lighter blue shade of the lake below.

7. Lago Pehoe Panorama

This panorama is enormous!  At full resolution it’s 90″ across.  I think before I get a big print of it made I might try to warm up the mountains in the distance a little, but I absolutely love everything about this picture, great clouds, wonderful mountains, blue lake, and some nice foliage to the right.

8. Lago Sarmiento

The last morning of my trip (Episode 6 of the vlogs) heavily features this scene.  It was early in the morning and just getting light.  There was no wind (for the first time in three days) so it was just me and Lago Sarmiento to myself.  This one was another picture of the week.

9. Just because my mom says I never take any pictures of myself

Here’s me blocking some mountains and a beautiful lake!


Hope you enjoyed the pics, which is your favorite?  Should I give away a print or two?  Let me know in the comments below!


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